Many guests tell us that they end up using only half the items that they pack, and sometimes even forget to pack the essentials.  Cruise Connections wants to make sure you are prepared for your upcoming vacation.  Here are some tips to help you with packing: 

10 Tips for Packing like a Pro 

1. Pack in Advance

Start packing well in advance as last minute packing often results in forgetting items and packing items you may not use. 

2. Check Policies

Check your airline and ship’s baggage policies beforehand to confirm weight allowance and the number of pieces you are allowed. 

3. Plan Outfits

Review your itinerary and the ship’s dress code to plan your outfits in advance. 

4. Pack for the Ship’s Climate

As most ships are heavily air conditioned, it is always good for gentlemen to pack a sweater and for ladies to pack a shawl or wrap. 

5. Pack a Copy of your Documents

Pack a copy of your travel documents, insurance policy, and any current prescriptions for medications. 

6. Pack Medications

Be sure to pack an adequate supply of your medications. 

7. Pack Liquid Items in Your Checked Baggage

As liquid containers over 30ml are often not allowed on carry-on baggage when flying, be sure they are properly sealed and pack them in your checked baggage. 

8. Prepare Your Electronics Beforehand

Charge electronics (camera, phone, laptops etc.) before you travel and also pack the adaptor, extra batteries, memory sticks and extension cord.  It is a great idea to pack an outlet adaptor to use as most staterooms have either European or North American outlets.   

9. Consider Packing Light

To lighten your baggage, you may want to consider using your ship’s laundry facilities (detergent, irons, etc. are available).  For gentlemen, consider renting formal wear such as tuxedos onboard instead of packing your own. 

10. Don’t Forget

Remember to pack sunglasses, sunscreen, hats and comfortable walking shoes.  Also pack a small bag that can fit your camera, a bottle of water and sunscreen which will be useful for excursions. 

Final Tips: 

  • Be sure to leave a copy of your flight schedule, itinerary and emergency contact number with someone at home.
  • Remember – you have to carry your baggage, so don’t make it too heavy.
  • One of the best things about your cruise is that there will be plenty of places to shop—both onboard and in port—for anything you may have forgotten, or for that special souvenir!