While waiting to disembark, the staff and crew is there to ensure that your disembarkation goes smoothly and can answer any questions you may have.  

It typically requires 1 – 2 hours for Customs Officials to clear the ship after it has docked.  

Disembarkation from the ship is done using a colour tag method.  You will receive a colour tag from your stateroom steward which determines the time you will leave the ship.  Please visit the reception desk should you wish to change your time. 

Typically disembarkation is as follows: 

  • Express walk off  – carrying your own bags
  • Travelers with airport transfers before noon
  • Travelers with airport transfers after noon
  • Cruise-only travelers (no transfers) 

Disembarkation is usually completed by 10:30am. 

The Fun Doesn’t Have to End! 

Remember, Cruise Connections can assist you in booking hotels, rental cars and tours of your disembarkation city.  Let your cruise specialist inform you of all the attractions you can explore.